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Colourbond Fence Installation

Colorbond fencing is a simple, easy to maintain and durable fence, designed to withstand the Perth environment. It comes in 14 different colours and multiple styles of panel. As it is made of steel, it won’t rot, decay or be infested by insects.

Is a Colorbond Fence easy to install and maintain?

The maintenance of Colorbond fences is simple and requires only washing with clean water to keep it in pristine condition. Perth Colorbond fencing consists of five unique layers, starting with steel which is then covered with an activated metallic coating. A 3/8 inch layer of pretreatment material is then applied followed by a corrosion primer which is baked into the surface. On the top is a top coat that helps to resist chips and flakes. The five layers ensure that the fence will retain its high quality look and feel throughout its life.

Colorbond Fence installation will stand up to Perth’s salt and wind, and is prepared to outlast those elements and stand the test of time, unlike timber fencing.

Colorbond fence installation can be done with either slats or pailings. There are multiple styles and designs, which can including decorative portions at the top, gates in varying styles, as well as different coloured posts and panels that will provide visual interest. These easy-to-maintain fences and gates require minimal amounts of repair and maintenance, as well as offering good security. The solid panel options also offer good protection against the elements such as wind as well as offering a high level of privacy.

Additionally, Colorbond fences are strong and can offer security protection for your home, which is a fantastic additional feature for any Perth residence. The paneling has a seamless style which means they are aesthetically pleasing, helping to add value to residential and commercial buildings.

A Colorbond fence is made of panels and posts that are easy to install. The panels are prefabricated from steel which makes estimating the linear feet of Colorbond required for a project straightforward, allowing you to get a quote quickly and painlessly. These solid panels also can be replaced as a section if they become damaged, so you can replace the section rather than the entire fence. This will save you time and money.

Why choose a Colorbond Steel fence?

Colorbond steel also has an additional superpower: it’s a firefighter. As the fire seasons in Australia become more extreme, the ability for a fence to offer fire protection due to the fact that it is non-combustible can help to minimise the impact of bush fires on your home.
So because the fence can it stand up to the seasons and the weather, Colorbond outperforms its competition in protecting homes. That layer of protection between home and fire should be incentive enough to choose a Colorbond fence over anything else. Timber fencing can’t offer the same.

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