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Slate Fence Installation

Slat fencing looks sleek. The slats are horizontal, they are straightforward to install as there is no top or bottom rail as with vertical fences, so the fencing contract is fast. The slats come in a variety of materials such as timber, aluminium or composite board. There are a many ways to customise the fence in addition to the material, such as the slat thickness and the spaces between the slats, to offer both privacy and a premium look and feel. The simple slat design allows this level of simple customisation. Once the side posts are installed, the slats slide down between them. It is fast, cost-effective and simple to install. We can also install gates in the same style, to complete the look.

What types of materials can slat fencing be made with?

Stratco offers great aluminium slat fencing options and as they are powder coated, the fence panels are easy to maintain. The spacing of the aluminium slats also allow for privacy, to secure a property, or to simply look good! Sometimes, a fence designer will create a combination of looks within the one fence. They may use both pailing and slats when making a fence. This can be done by using vertical pales for the lower half and horizontal slats for the top half. The fence look can change based on the thickness of the slats, the spaces between then, and so on.

Slat fences are also available in wood, which is a style that resonates well in architectural design circles, and make a great alternative to the aluminium slat. The timber slat fence can be very visually interesting, as there are so many options and styles when you play with space, colour, and the slat length. If you choose to make a horizontally slatted timber fence, cedar and redwood are a good choice as they will age well and not warp in the way that pine and other soft woods may be.

As with all types of fences, slat fences can be simple or complex – subject to your unique style and based on the advice of your slat fencing contractor.

What are the advantages of a slat fence?

An advantage of slat fencing for wooden fences can relate to the weather. Rain can cause damage to the top and the bottom slats as they will bear the majority of the weather. This is different to a picket fence, pailing fence or vertical gate where each board will experience damage from the weather at both the top and bottom. The slat fence has the advantage of only requiring the top and bottom few slats to be replaced if they experience weather damage. This will save you money because you will just need to replace several boards per section versus replacing the entire fence.

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Need a fence installed or repaired? Call today!